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Are Infinity Slots Set To Increase In Popularity?

Are Infinity Slots Set To Increase In Popularity?

Infinity slots are the latest innovation in slots gambling, offering players the chance to add more and more reels as they play and boost the number of bets they can place. 

Many of the biggest names in casino software are making new infinity reels games and plenty of the best online casinos are adding them to their games catalogues. 

Are they about to become one of the most popular ways to bet for gamblers?

We tackle that question by looking at infinity slots in a little more detail, explaining what we think you’ll like about them. 

Infinity reels are here to rival megaways

Slots gaming companies are always out to find new innovations. Whether it’s providing crisper gameplay or smarter storylines, their aim is to provide the most fun and engaging games they can. 

Many of these innovations are about giving players more betting options and megaways is  the next most recent example of this. 

Megaways mix things up by keeping players guessing about how many ways their slots will spin – the reels can have a range of different symbols, meaning players can never know how many they’re going to get. 

But the reason this makes things fun for gamblers is that it gives them hundreds, even thousands of ways that they can win. 

Infinity reels mix things up even more than this. 

Infinity reels offer the possibility of unlimited reels 

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Megaways vastly increases the number of reels in slots games, ramping up the opportunities that gamblers have for winning some cash. 

Infinity reels go even further than this by potentially giving players unlimited reels to bet on. 

The concept is pretty simple. You add extra reels to the games by achieving winning combinations. This then forces the screen to continue expanding out to the right, increasing your number of reels as it does so. 

There’s no ceiling on the number of reels you can get, so the potential really is there for you to have an unlimited number of them in your games – so long as you keep winning.

Giza: Infinity Reels and El Dorado are two of the most popular infinity reels games, both of which are available to play at the excellent LeoVegas Casino

Are infinity reels slots about to become more popular? 

Infinity reels are a new, fun way for gamblers to play slot games, giving them the potential for limitless betting. 

But are they really about to become more popular? We think the chances are pretty good. 

The reason it makes sense for infinity slots adoption to increase is that it’s hard to argue with having more betting options, so long as the gameplay is good. And reports so far have been favourable. 

Both Giza: Infinity Reels and El Dorado have received positive feedback from both casino experts and gamblers. 

But infinity reels aren’t without their drawbacks. They’re volatile games, meaning that you can experience big swings from winning to losing positions and vice versa. 

Overall, we think that there’s a pretty good chance of infinity reels slots becoming more popular and we’re hoping that more casino software providers will make these games. 

So head over to LeoVegas now and try out one of the great infinity reels games we mentioned for yourself.