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Betting Shops To Open In Scotland On 29 June 2020

Betting Shops To Open In Scotland On 29 June 2020

Coronavirus lockdown began in the UK on 23 March 2020 and people may now be starting to see a return to some semblance of normality. 

Each of the four nations within the UK has taken a slightly different approach in tackling the pandemic, but we’re now seeing a gradual opening of society in each country. This includes opening betting shops. 

England opened its bookies on 15 June and Scotland’s will reopen on 29 June. 

Below, we explore what this means. 

Betting shops open but without live races 

Four horses race down a track

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Live-action betting has been in short supply for gamblers during coronavirus. Every sport and casino game has been affected in some way. This has left a few outliers for punters to bet on, such as Russian table tennis

Betting shops reopen in Scotland on 29 June but aren’t allowed to show live races.

Bookies will only be able to provide a transactional service for their punters, while chairs are also banned to help uphold social distancing. 

Gambling machines won’t be turned on 

A row of nine slot machines in an empty casino

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Alt-text: A row of nine slot machines in an empty casino 

Slots and fruties are a feature of many high street bookmakers. But when bookies reopen in Scotland it will be without these slot machines. 

This is highlighted in a letter sent to the Betting and Gaming Council chief executive Michael Dugher by the cabinet secretary for finance, Kate Forbes. 

Forbes explains: “Gambling machines should also be switched off to avoid spread through surface transmission. Confirmation will be issued in due course as to when the rest of the adult gaming industry may reopen”.

Casinos aren’t completely happy with the steps 

Everyone wants life to return to normal as quickly as possible. 

However, there’s a general acceptance that every step made towards opening up society must be handled carefully and needs to be accompanied by clear guidelines. 

Casinos have questioned the clarity associated with the reopening of Scottish bookies. 

Coral Casino has a range of tools to help keep your betting healthy

Credit: Coral Casino

Alt-text: Coral Casino has a range of tools to help keep your betting healthy 

This is made plain by a statement from GVC, the company that owns Coral and Ladbrokes

GVC released a statement advising: “We are disappointed that we’ve had no clear advice or guidance on reopening our Scottish shops. 

“This is inconsistent with our English estate, which is open for business and operating strict social-distancing measures to protect our colleagues and our customers.  

“We will continue to seek clarification from the Scottish Government on this issue.”

When can we expect bookies to be back to normal?

Two men and two women wearing blue face masks and white t-shirts stand in front of a picture of the Mona Lisa wearing a green facemask

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Coronavirus is an unprecedented situation that’s affected the entire world. Shops have closed and people have been confined to their homes. 

While the hope is that things will return to the way they were as soon as they can, it’s really difficult to say exactly what when this might be – there’s no rulebook to follow. 

But one thing is clear: every reopening of society is welcome but it must be done so in a way that’s safe and considered. 

If you’re thinking of visiting a high street bookie in Scotland from 29 June then take every precaution you can to stem the threat of coronavirus.