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According to Casumo, 80% of Brits hardly ever get bored

According to Casumo, 80% of Brits hardly ever get bored

This is just one of the interesting findings from the popular online casino's latest survey.

How often do you get bored? If the results of a recent survey conducted by Casumo are true, the answer is hardly ever. The popular online casino also discovered the reason for this - technology. Read more on their blog.

That's right - 63 percent of people who responded to the survey are less bored than 20 years ago because they now have smartphones. In addition, 75 percent say their lives are better because of their smartphone, and 20 percent never do anything without their phone. That probably includes playing casino games at Casumo.

The Casumo survey also found that people unlock their phones an average of 10 times a day. They do this for a variety of reasons including checking messages, browsing social media, playing casino games, and more.

In fact, 45 percent of the people surveyed say that spending time on their phone is the best cure for boredom. In addition, 44 percent said they like to spend their leisure time on their computer either on the Internet or playing games like the games offered by Casumo.

One other interesting reason cited by the respondents for not being bored is they simply don't have time. Most of them don't get time to themselves until 5.40 in the evening. After that, it is all Casumo, social media, watching TV, and other boredom-busting activities.

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