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Deal Some Romance at the Ladbrokes Casino

Deal Some Romance at the Ladbrokes Casino

Some lucky players will be dealt a Queen of Hearts at the Ladbrokes Casino live blackjack tables leading to bonuses!

Are you a live casino games fan?  If you are a registered player at the Ladbrokes Casino you can enjoy live blackjack and check out the Queen of Hearts promotion for cool bonuses!

The Ladbrokes Casino is oozing with action and is offering bonuses up to £50 at this romantic time of the year. Bonuses may be won when the Queen of Hearts appears at Live Blackjack games during the promotion times.

The Ladbrokes Casino has introduced a Live Queen of Hearts promo that offers bonuses to players that are dealt a Queen of Hearts at Live Dealer Blackjack.  This promotion is running from 8th February until 14th February 2012. The Queen of Hearts will be dealt on a random basis 5x daily between the hours of 1pm and 10pm on the days of the promotion. Every participating player that has placed a wager on the table that boasts the appearance of the Queen of Hearts will receive a bonus card. This special bonus card provides a bonus up to the amount of £50.

In order to be a part of the action in this promotion, gamers need to be real money account members at the Ladbrokes Casino. Gamers are then required to play at the Live Dealer Casino at the BJ Ladbrokes table or BJ Ladbrokes 2 table at the specified times during the promo. Such players may then join in the fun and hope to be playing when the Queen of Hearts shows her face.  Try your hand at the Queen of Hearts promo and with a bit of luck a romantic bonus may be dealt your way!

Look out for the Queen of Hearts at the Ladbrokes Casino and you could gain an attractive bonus!