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Fun Wheel of Winners at Ladbrokes

Fun Wheel of Winners at Ladbrokes

The Ladbrokes Casino offers attractive Wheel of Winners pursuit as one of seven types of roulette games.

Wheel of Winners is a game that is built on the form of roulette but this is a game with a difference. It has a similar appearance to that of a roulette wheel, but this wheel hosts four colours instead of the traditional two.  In addition, the Wheel of Winners game boasts two bonus sections each of which set off an individual bonus game.

Wheel of Winners features 39 sections on its wheel that include 0-36, in addition to two bonus areas. The colours of this wheel are yellow, red, purple or blue. The general idea of the game is like in roulette, to place a bet, spin the wheel and wait for the result!

As mentioned above, there are two bonus games at this pursuit that are a free spins bonus game and a multiplier bonus game. When the free spins bonus game is triggered, it spins itself and the player's bets remain as they were in the previous round. As for the multiplier bonus game, when this is set off, the player spins the wheel and the winnings are determined by the multiplier value times the bet amount that was in play when the bonus game was triggered.

As you can see the Wheel of Winners is rather like a roulette game with a difference.  The two bonus games add a unique appeal to this pursuit. The Wheel of Winners is available at various online gaming sites of which the Ladbrokes Casino is one. It may be worth noting that new players at the Ladbrokes Casino site may join now and have the opportunity to get up to £500 for free!

Check out the Wheel of Winners at Ladbrokes Casino today!