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Get 25% cashback or win boost on blackjack or roulette at Gala Casino

Get 25% cashback or win boost on blackjack or roulette at Gala Casino

If you win you get 25% more cash, and if you lose you get 25% cashback in this win-win promotion.

How often do online casinos give you a win-win opportunity? Not very often, right? That is why this promotion from Gala Casino stands out from the rest. When you play blackjack or roulette on the specified dates you will get 25 percent whether you win or lose. If that sounds good to you start playing now.

If you play the ever popular games blackjack or roulette at an online casino this is a promotion that you have to take part in - you have nothing to lose, and 25 percent extra to gain. Why not visit Gala Casino today to get your account?

Then you have to play between 12 and 15 October to qualify. You have to play for real money and make a minimum of 20 bets. Start playing at Gala Casino today.

If you end up in a winning position Gala Casino will top those winnings up by giving you an extra 25 percent, up to £100. Play to win now.

And if you lose Gala Casino have you covered as well. If you are in a losing position at the end of the promotion Gala Casino will give you 25 percent of your losses back as cashback, up to £100. So even if you lose, you win in this promotion.

You will need an account with Gala Casino to take part. Register for one today and you’ll qualify for a fantastic welcome bonus that is worth up to £400. Plus you will get access to one of the most popular online casinos in the UK, and hundreds of exciting games.

Up to £100 could be yours whether you win or lose in this Gala Casino promotion. Play today.