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Get a golden card while playing Blackjack and get a casino bonus

Get a golden card while playing Blackjack and get a casino bonus

There’s one card every day with bonuses worth up to £50. You have to play to find them, though.

In the famous movie, Willy Wonka put golden tickets in bars of chocolate and anyone who found them won a prize. This promotion from Betfair is something similar. Check it out today.

Of course, there are some differences. Instead of golden tickets there are golden cards. Instead of being just five there is one a day, every day. Instead of the tickets being hidden in bars of chocolate, Betfair has mixed them up with Blackjack playing cards. And instead of winning a trip to a chocolate factory, the prize is a casino bonus of up to £50. Find out more on the casino's website.

To find a golden card you must play at one of Betfair's live Blackjack tables. If you draw one of the golden cards while playing, you get the bonus. Start playing live Blackjack now.

If you choose the standard Blackjack tables, the bonus you’ll get if you’re dealt a golden card is £20. You’ll get £50 if you’re dealt a golden card at one of the VIP Blackjack tables. Check out all the tables on the Betfair website today.

There is one golden card available to find every day, although you only have until 28 June to find one as that’s when the promotion ends. Visit Betfair and start playing live Blackjack now.

You will, of course, need an account to do that. Registering is a quick process so you can be playing Blackjack in no time. Plus, if you sign up today, you can get a Betfair live casino welcome bonus of £10. All you have to do to get it is bet £10.

That will get you started playing live Blackjack at Betfair where you might be dealt one of the golden bonus cards.