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Play Live Blackjack at Gala Casino, Get a Golden Card, and Win Cash

Play Live Blackjack at Gala Casino, Get a Golden Card, and Win Cash

Will you be dealt a golden card while playing Blackjack? If you do you could win a cash prize worth £20, £50 or £100.

Gala Casino has one of the most popular Live Blackjack tables of any online casino in the UK, but now they have made it even more exciting. They have now included golden cards in the deck and if you get one, you could win up to £100.

The promotion is available between 5pm and 11pm each evening - that's when they put the golden cards in the decks. There are 30 of them - six worth £100, eight worth £50 and 16 worth £20. That adds up to over £1,300 in bonuses that Gala Casino is giving away on this promotion every day.

And winning couldn't be easier. You simply play Live Blackjack in the evening during the allotted time, and if you are dealt a golden card, you get the bonus. If you are ready to play go to Gala Casino now.

But what if the dealer gets the golden card? Gala Casino has thought of that too - if the dealer gets the golden card, every player at the table gets a bonus of £20.

And it gets even better. You can use the bonus on any live casino game at Gala Casino, and there is only a one-time wagering requirement, making it even easier for you to pocket the cash.

Of course you will need a Gala Casino account in order to play at the Live Blackjack table and qualify for this bonus. When you sign up you can get a £400 welcome bonus, plus you get access to all the live casino games as well as slots, table games, poker games, and more.

The golden cards are in the Gala Casino Live Blackjack decks every evening - start playing today to win.