Secret Santa - Live Blackjack Bonus Christmas Cards


Get dealt a special Christmas card at any blackjack table and win up to £25 instantly, regardless of your hand.

If you play blackjack at Betfair you will already know that it is one of the most fun and exciting online casino experiences in the UK. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Give it a go now - you might be dealt one of the Christmas bonus cards. If you get one of these cards you don't even have to win the hand to get some cash as the bonus cards mean instant win.

Betfair calls this their Secret Santa blackjack promotion, and all you have to do to get involve is play blackjack. Hidden in the decks are the special Christmas bonus cards. If you get one of those you win the amount on the card. Log in and start playing now.

The cards could show £5, £10, or £25. You don't have to win the hand, get 21, or do anything else - if you get a bonus card you win the amount on the card. Start playing blackjack at Betfair today.

Everyone likes getting Secret Santa gifts so the Betfar Christmas bonus cards could be just what you are looking for. They would give you a nice little boost in the run up to Christmas. Hit the blackjack tables today.

Don't delay though because the offer is only available until 23 December. Start playing blackjack at Betfair, get lucky, and claim your Christmas bonus today.

The only eligibility criteria are that you must be a Betfair customer. To get an account and a welcome bonus worth up to £100 you should register here. This will give you access to the blackjack tables and all the other great games.

Find the blackjack Christmas bonus cards and win at Betfair – play now.

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