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Start the Casumo adventure: rewards, bonuses, surprises, and more

Start the Casumo adventure: rewards, bonuses, surprises, and more

Every time you play your adventure progresses, earning you better belts that bring you lots of goodies.

At Casumo the gaming experience doesn't just involve the games you play - they make being a member of the casino an adventure. As you progress through the adventure you earn belts that allow you to level up. At each level you'll get rewards and surprises, which get better the higher you go. Start your adventure today.

It all starts when you first register with Casumo to create your newly hatched character (if you don't have an account yet you can register here). Your new Casumo doesn't look like much - it's only wearing a rope for a belt - but there is a world of opportunity in front of you.

As you deposit, play, collect your winnings, and play some more, you’ll see a progress bar showing you how far you've made it on the Casumo adventure, and how far there is to go to the next level. Check what level you are on by logging into your account now.

Every time you reach a new level your Casumo develops. The first stage is a white belt, followed by yellow, red, blue, purple and black. When you get a new belt and reach a new level you will be offered bonuses, rewards and other goodies. Better belts mean better rewards, so make progress with your Casumo today.

The types of rewards you can expect include free cash, deposit bonuses, free spins, and prizes. The more you play the more you will receive, so start playing at Casumo now.

If you need a new account there is a welcome bonus available worth up to £1,200. If you register today you will also get 200 free spins.

Every minute is an adventure on Casumo - find out where it will take you.