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Travel tips for visiting the world’s casino hotspots by 888casino

Travel tips for visiting the world’s casino hotspots by 888casino

Going to a casino hotspot like Las Vegas is the trip of a lifetime. Use these tips to make it more enjoyable.

Is it your dream to visit a casino destination like Las Vegas or Atlantic City? Have you been to a location like this and want to make your next experience more enjoyable? The popular online casino 888casino has published a guide outlining expert tips on visiting cities and other locations known for their casinos.

After all, travelling to one of these destinations is not the same as going to a standard city or going on holiday. There is more activity, more intensity, and different pitfalls to avoid.

The 888casino guide to travelling to locations like Las Vegas includes the following airport advice:

  • Make sure you have a return ticket as one-way tickets can raise eyebrows with airport security.
  • Buy tickets with your credit card rather than cash to avoid security flags.
  • Buy tickets as far in advance as possible to get good deals and to avoid raising a security flag.
  • Use frequent flier points for cheaper flights and to show airport security you are a regular traveller.

These tips are important given the security situation that prevails in airports around the world but particularly in tourist locations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. You will want to get through airport security as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your visit and the casinos. The above tips will help you achieve this.

You may also need to carry cash with you through the airport — cash you plan to gamble at the casinos. This is sometimes a logistical challenge, but you should be okay carrying up to about USD $100k either on your person or in a carry-on bag. If in a carry-on bag, make sure you put the cash in a sealed envelope, plus don’t keep all your cash in the same place. For example, if you are carrying it on you, split it up into different bundles, putting each in a different pocket.

Once You Arrive

The 888casino guide also offers advice for once you arrive at the location, including advice on the hotel you are staying at and for casinos in general. This advice includes:

  • If you are engaged in advantage play, it is best to not play at the casino you are staying in as they may find out and end your stay. You will then have to find another hotel, which is a hassle you don’t need.
  • If you want to avoid leaving your credit card details at the check-in desk, you can instead leave a cash deposit per day to cover the cost of additional services.
  • Be aware of cameras and other security measures if you are engaged in advantage play with partners as you will be watched.

One of the final tips offered by the 888casino guide involves getting cash winnings back through the airport for the outward journey. This is particularly important if you are leaving with more than you arrived with.

Other Casino Options

If visiting a casino destination is not on the cards for you right now, you can use online casinos instead. You can use them whenever you want from the comfort of your own home, plus they offer similar games and a similar experience. One of the best online casinos you can choose is the source of the travel guide that this article is about — 888casino. Register today to get a welcome bonus that includes up to £888 for free.

This will give you access to a fantastic selection of games and great 888casino promotions. Sign up today.