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What’s in your Thrills Freebies Vault

What’s in your Thrills Freebies Vault

The Freebies Vault is just one of the innovations offered by Thrills. Check it out today to see what’s inside.

When was the last time you checked the Freebies Vault in your Thrills account? Have you encountered the Bonus-O-Meter? Do you know how freebies like bonuses, free spins, and prizes work at Thrills? Let’s find out.

The Freebies Vault is the part of your Thrills account where you’ll find all the extras you’ve earned or won. This could be deposit bonuses or a prize. There are lots of ways you can get freebies, although they all involve playing at the casino — get started now.

The Bonus-O-Meter tracks the bonus rounds you play on selected Thrills games. When the Bonus-O-Meter gets to a certain level, you’ll get freebies. Of course, those freebies go to your Freebies Vault, ready for you to use. Check out where you stand with the Bonus-O-Meter today.

What happens when you win or earn a freebie? Like all other responsible online casinos, Thrills has terms with each promotion it runs. However, those terms are less complicated and more player friendly than at other casinos. Visit the website to find out more.

In particular, Thrills does not add wagering requirements to any bonuses. This is something many online casino players don’t understand; at other casinos, you can’t withdraw a bonus until you have wagered it a certain number of times. That could be up to 50 times. At Thrills, you can withdraw the cash whenever you want. See what’s in your account today.

If you don’t already have an account, you can register for one here. If you register, you will get 20 super spins and a welcome bonus of up to £1,500.

The Freebies Vault, the Bonus-O-Meter, and the easy way bonuses are given are just some of the reasons more and more online casino players are choosing Thrills. You won’t be disappointed.