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Win 8 at the 888 live casino when the winning number is 8

Win 8 at the 888 live casino when the winning number is 8

You don't even have to bet on 8 to win the £8 bonus. Just play at the right table and place a qualifying bet.

If you are familiar with 888, you will know it is an online casino that likes the number eight. This promotion is based on the number eight too - you can win £8 on roulette if the winning number is eight, regardless of where you place your bet. Start playing now.

There are some rules you need to know to make sure you qualify. Firstly the promotion only applies at the 888 live casino roulette table. Check it out today.

Secondly, you have to play between 8pm and 9pm. You can play any day that you like however. You need to have a registered 888 account though, so make sure you register now if you don't have one.

Finally you have to place a bet of £8. Every time you place a bet of £8 at the live casino roulette table between 8pm and 9pm you qualify. Place your bets at 888 now.

It means you have two chances of winning on those spins - on the bet you place, and if the winning number is an eight. If the winning number is an eight, you get an £8 bonus from 888. The best thing is this is an ongoing promotion, so there is no time limit. Start playing today.

As already mentioned you will need an 888 casino account. Register for one today to get a welcome bonus worth up to £100. You can't take part in the lucky 8 promotion though, until you have made at least two deposits.

You can then head over to the live roulette table for the usual fun and excitement you expect from a live experience at 888. Plus you get a chance of collecting some £8 bonuses.