Win bonus cash playing roulette on selected days at Mr Green


As long as you play at the Wild Wild West roulette table during the promotional period, you'll get the bonus cash.

This promotion from Mr Green doesn't involve chance. Instead, if you meet the entry conditions, you will get the cash. It doesn't get any easier, so get involved today.

There are two main conditions for getting the bonus cash. First, you must bet a total of £20 at the Wild Wild West roulette table - check it out now. This is cumulative, so you don't have to place your bets in one go. The £20 has to be placed on a single day, however.

The second condition is you must play between 1pm and 1am on the selected promotional dates. Of course, you can still play Wild Wild West roulette on dates not included in this promotion, but you won't get any Mr Green bonus cash.

The promotional dates remaining are 9-12 November, 16-19 November, 23-26 November, and 30 November to 3 December. Make sure you spend some time at the Wild Wild West roulette table on those dates when you are logged into Mr Green.

There are some rules about qualifying bets that you can read more about on the Mr Green website, but the above covers most of the conditions. If you meet those, you will get £5 bonus money. You can get that £5 every day so it can really add up between now and the end of the promotion on 3 December.

To take part, however, you will need a Mr Green account. Register for one today to get a welcome bonus worth up to £100.

You can then start betting at the Mr Green Wild Wild West roulette table to earn your £5 bonus cash.

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