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Boss Media Poker Network

Boss Media poker network is one of the relatively newer online poker systems in the market.

An Introduction to the Bodog Poker Network

There are a number of online poker networks today, and one such network is operated by Boss Media, a company based out of Sweden that has its own online gambling software. The Boss Media poker network is popular among players, though it is not as old as the online casinos that the company’s software powers.

The Boss network is, on the whole, not the largest of networks, but it is fairly big, mid-sized is the right term, and has over 30 different clients on it. Some of these are names that you will recognize in a flash, while the others may not be all that popular, but that is the advantage a network has; a win-win situation for player as well as the poker rooms on the network.

Skins on the Boss Network

There are different skins on the Boss network, and the one that is the biggest among all the rooms in the network is Paradise Poker. This room is a recent entry to the Boss network, having made the change when a large number of players who were part of it earlier moved out en masse after the UIGEA. Earlier, the room also was using outdated software. Other popular rooms on the Boss poker network include Celeb Poker and Gonagas.

One of the advantages of being on a poker network for the player is access to the other rooms on the same network, and this is something that you get at the Boss network as well. The network allows you to move between the different poker rooms on the network, and also the different casinos and sportsbooks using the single account you created at one of the rooms on the network.

What that means is that you can register just one account on the network and use that account to access the multiple rooms, thereby cutting out the hassle of depositing at multiple accounts and managing them all.

More about the Boss Poker Network

There are positives as well as negatives associated with the Boss network. For starters, the network does not accept players from the US, which means a reduction in the volume of traffic. However, even despite this reduction, the network stands eighth on the list of poker networks when it comes to traffic. Also, the lobby of the network could have had a better look and feel.

The graphics and animation in the network are good, but not something that would make your eyeballs pop out. They are well-done and have a smooth finish. A big disappointment is the lack of avatars, something that would have definitely given that extra zing to the network. Functionally, there are a lot of positives when it comes to the Boss Media poker network. Downloading the software on the network is a simple and speedy affair. The gaming speed is also faster in this network compared to other online poker networks. The software on the network is cool, but an upgrade would do its cause no harm, and would, in fact, increase the popularity of the network, I think.

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