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What is a Poker Network?

A look at what a poker network is, its basic features, including understanding advantages of being on a poker network, for poker rooms and players.

An Introduction to Poker Networks

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games across the world. Today, you can play poker in traditional poker rooms or casinos or at online casinos and poker websites. When you search for poker rooms online, you will find there are a number of online poker networks? So what are online poker networks?

An online poker network is basically a set of online poker rooms that use poker software from the same software provider.

Features of a Poker Network

So who runs the poker networks? The company providing the software runs the poker network. Since all these rooms use the same software, you will find a number of things in common between member rooms of a poker network.

So what do they share? The player pool, for one; this is one resource that is available to all the rooms in a single poker network. Other things that the poker rooms in a network share include poker tables and also certain promotions.

However, though the rooms share certain features, they retain their individuality. At the end of the day, they are still independent businesses operating individually. This can be seen from the unique designs and interfaces each poker room has in a network. Also, each poker room also has its own unique promotions and incentives for players, apart from the ones they share with the other rooms in the network.

Advantages of Being on an Online Poker Network

There also exist independent poker rooms that are not part of any poker network, and they are doing quite well for themselves. However, being on a poker network has its own advantages for the poker rooms as well as for the players. For the player, by being a part of a poker room that is in turn part of a poker network, he gets access to the other rooms on that network as well. Another advantage for the player is he gets access to larger tournaments, prize money, and jackpots than he would probably have got in an independent poker room.

For the poker room on the network, the ability to share players with other rooms means they can get access to more players than they could have expected if they were an independent room. By being on a network, they get access to players from all the other rooms on the network. It also becomes easier for the poker room to join hands with the other rooms on the network and put together a big package or jackpot to attract players to the room, and this package is something that each room in the network can offer their players.

Some Major Online Poker Networks

There are a number of online poker networks that you can check out if you are looking to be part of one of them and avail the benefits they offer. Here is a list of some of the popular names when it comes to online poker networks:


Boss Media




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