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iPoker Network

iPoker Network

The iPoker Network has rapidly metamorphosed from a newbie to one of the big guns in the online poker circuit.

An Introduction to the iPoker Network

If you are wondering if it is possible for one of the newbies to take its place among the best and the biggest when it comes to poker networks, the answer is yes! It may be one of the newer poker networks in the online gaming industry, but it has taken the online gambling world by storm, rapidly marching on to be one of the biggest networks around.

A quick look at a simple statistic tells the tale – the iPoker network is bigger than the combined size of Microgaming and Cryptologic! This network has a number of poker rooms, with one of the best being Titan Poker. Here is another number for you to chew on – the network has close to 75 poker rooms and skins!

The network is so popular that a number of large sports betting companies have also joined this network. Some of these include Bet365 and CentreBet. The tag line for the network – ‘Always a full house’ – says it all.

More about the iPoker Network

The advantage of being part of one of the biggest online poker networks works for both players as well as the card rooms on the network. The card rooms can pool together and offer some cool incentives to players, and players also get the chance to check out a number of rooms and play in the rooms with the best promotions. Players can check the promotions page on the iPoker network’s website for the latest promotions.

One of the sad things is the iPoker network does not accept US players. That it has made it to the top of the heap despite not accepting US players speaks volumes of the quality on offer at the network. This is one network where you are guaranteed a great time and some great games.

Also, having the reputation of being one of the biggest poker rooms has a few downsides to it as well, one of the most important being the presence of a large number of lesser skilled players, called loose and passive fish in poker parlance. You will find a lot of them, hoping to score, at the no-limit tables across the network.

Traffic at the iPoker Network

With so many poker rooms and skins on the iPoker network, there is not much one can say about the traffic on the network, except that it is sizeable even on a normal day, during normal hours. Poker Scout has ranked the network #3 among all poker networks online and that is quite an achievement for a newcomer.

So what are the numbers we are talking about? On a normal day, you will find around 10,000 players at the cash game tables. During peak hours, this number can go up to 12,000 while the number of players at the tournaments during peak hours shoots up to 20,000.

Software and Games at the iPoker Network

The software that drives the iPoker network has been developed by one of the leading names in the online gambling software development industry – Playtech. It provides the network with good gaming speeds, superb levels of detailing, and also great graphics and sound. These come with the usual stuff you see – a buddy list, hand history, player pictures, and so on – the difference being the superior quality on offer.

The games available on the iPoker network’s rooms include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and 7 Card Stud in no limit, pot limit, and fixed limit options.

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