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PKR 3D Poker Network

PKR Poker Network

PKR Poker Network is the first poker network to offer poker games for cash in a 3D environment that is totally customizable.

An Introduction to the PKR Poker Network

The PKR Poker Network started operations very recently, just about three years back in 2006. This is an independent network that runs with its own software and has its own network of players. The network has a superb interface with 3D design, which is why it is also called the PKR 3D Network.

The PKR Poker Network is licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the UK Gambling Commission and is registered in Alderney. At the PKR Poker Network, you are guaranteed an online poker experience of a lifetime thanks to the great game range, cool incentives, and sophisticated design. The network currently does not accept players from the US.

In terms of sheer gaming experience, the PKR poker network is worth checking out. And this is what has contributed majorly to the constantly increasing flow of traffic to the network.

Traffic at the PKR 3D Poker Network

As mentioned earlier, one of the areas where the PKR Poker Network has upped the ante to its competitors is player traffic. Despite being a relatively new network, it has not experienced too much of the problems that are the bane of new networks – low traffic, bad game range, and so on.

For a network that is barely three years old, PKR has done fairly well in consolidating its player base. Statistical data till May 2009 shows the peak hour number at the cash game tables on the network to be about 1, 100. For tournaments, this number goes up by almost five times, touching 5, 000 during peak hours. These numbers can fluctuate, however; latest numbers captured on 19 May, 2009, show the total number of players on the network to be a staggering 11, 437.

Software and Games at the PKR 3D Poker Network

The toast of the PKR Poker Network is its software. The software provides stunning 3D graphics and functionality. One of the complaints about the software is that it hogs a lot of system resources, which means you need to have a good amount of space on your hard drive to download it. And yes, you get only the download version here, the network does not have an instant play version. However, all of that can be excused because of the sheer brilliance of the features that the software imparts to the network.

The software on the PKR Poker Network takes customization to new levels and provides players with a great online poker experience. Some of the other features that the software provides include multi-table play, a great lobby, mini-view, ability to view your data and statistics, hand history, unique avatars, the ability to sneak a peek at your hole cards, and much more.

The games available on the PKR Poker Network include Texas Hold’em and Omaha in limit, no limit, and pot limit forms. You can also play these games on the network in SSTs as well as MSTs.

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