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Online Poker Betting Structures Ė Online Poker Bets

Poker games have rules and limitations as to how you can place your bets and these are referred to as poker betting structures.

Online Poker Betting Structures: Fixed Limit Games

Fixed limit games mean that you have to set pre-decided bets and raises. This means that you will start off with lower bets and end up with higher bets. Fixed games have fixed amounts as well as fixed amounts of raises and re-raises. We can look at an example here of a 5-dollar/10-dollar Poker Limit Holdem game, which will mean that you can only bet 5 dollars and be raised by 5 dollars (the small amount of bet) for the 1st 2 wager rounds.

You can then expect the last 2 wagering rounds to allow you to make bets & raises of the big bet, $10 in this example. Most online poker casino has one bet and 3 raises per round. Novices should try to always begin with the set limit tables, the upside to being limited as to what you are allowed to win, is that this also limits how much money you are able to lose. Letís look at the same 5 dollar/10 dollar Limit Holdem example, which only allows for 3 raises per round, and then calculate the max loss (or in other words, total exposure) per hand. Both of the first 2 betting rounds could reach a max of five times four = 20 dollars. The last two then allows 10 x 4 = 40 dollars. This means that twenty plus twenty plus forty plus forty dollars equals one hundred and twenty dollars. You can work this out with a shortcut by multiplying the large bet by twelve. In this case it would be 10 x 12 equals 120 bucks.

Online Poker Betting Structures: Please Take Note

You should note that some online poker room casinos might allow unlimited amounts of raises if there is a betting round that begins with only 2 players. This means that you & your poker opponent can continue raising each other, despite the limited amounts, until you decide to stop or run out of chips.

Online Poker Betting Structures: Spread Limit Games

Spread limit poker games allow you to wager any amount you want, just as long as the amount is within the poker gameís spread limit. Letís say for instance that you are playing a two to ten dollar Spread Limit Texas Holdem game. This means that poker players can open and raise with any bet, as long as the amounts are between two and ten dollars. It also has this rule where your raises should be the same size or larger than the previous bet.

Online Poker Betting Structures: No Limit Games

No Limit Games usually means that anything goes. You can bet, raise for any amount and at any time. This is one of the most popular types of games as players feel less restricted. This is also one of the reasons that No Limit Texas Holdem poker tournaments are so popular.

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