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Poker Terms - 4th & Fifth Street

4th street? 5th street? What does it Mean?

Fourth street is the card that comes out after the flop. 5th street is the 5th and last card that comes out on the board in Holdem, the one after the turn.

What does 4th Street Mean in Poker?

Forth Street is also referred to as turn and is the 4th board card in holdem, in other words the card that comes out after the flop.

When playing poker, the 4th street or turn card, is the 4th of 5 cards dealt to the poker board. This card constitutes 1 face-up community poker card that each one of the poker players taking part in the game can utilize to formulate their last hand.

The forth street card is usually found in community card poker games like Omaha hold 'em and Texas hold 'em. The forth street or turn follows the after the 2nd round of betting has been completed after the flop. The forth street is then instantly followed by a 3rd betting round, which then in turn ends with the 5th street or river.

What does 5th Street Mean in Poker?

Fifth Street is also sometimes referred to as river and is the 5th and last card that comes out on the board in poker Holdem, the one after the turn.

The 5th street is the last card dealt in a friendly poker hand, which is followed by a last round of wagering and, if needs be, a poker showdown. In Omaha and Texas hold 'em, the 5th street or river, is the 5th and final card to be dealt to the board, this follows on the poker flop and turn. In 7-card stud poker games, the river is the last down card that is dealt to every player. It is important to note that there are a few circumstances in which the river is dealt to players as a face up community poker card. These circumstances could be that there are not enough cards left in the poker deck to deal cards face down to every poker player that is still left in the hand.

Regular poker players know that 5th street can change the whole fortune of a poker game by giving 1 player a card (which they have been praying for) to beat another poker player's already finished hand. A poker player who loses the pot only due to the 5th street or river card is referred to as having drowned in the river, or sometimes as having been 'rivered.' Taking a chance on the game at the river card stage is also referred to as 'living by the river,' this is because of all the obvious dangers involved. Winning by taking the river card risk is also sometimes called ‘sucking out’.

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