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Choosing What Type of Poker to Play

Choosing what Type of Poker to Play

There are many different poker types which all share the same standard playing rules. Most poker types only have slight variations in their poker rules.

Poker Types: Popular Poker Variants

When choosing what type of poker to play, you have to look at the three most popular variants. Draw poker is our first category and includes poker games in which poker players are get a full hidden hand, and then work at improving their hand by getting, throwing out, and replacing cards. A popular example of draw poker is the Five-card draw poker variant.

Community card poker is our second category and includes poker games in which players get hidden and face-up cards. They get shared face-up poker cards along with their incomplete hidden hand. Popular examples of community card poker are Omaha hold 'em and Texas hold 'em.

Stud poker is our third category and includes poker games in which you get a combo of face-down cards and face-up cards, combined with multiple betting rounds. Popular examples of stud are Five-card stud and Seven-card stud.

Poker Types: Online Poker vs. Conventional Poker

When choosing what type of poker to play you should also look at whether you want to play in a conventional poker room or over the internet. Lets look at some differences between these two poker types.

Online poker variants are quicker than brick and mortar types as online casinos don’t have to worry about delays as well as collecting, shuffling, and dealing every hand of cards. Online casino poker have instant dealing and shuffling and no chip-counting delays. This means you can play up to three times more hands per hour online than you can at your local poker room.

You will not be able to ‘read’ other players online but the upside on this (especially if you are still working on your poker face) is that they can’t read you. Online poker players that want to know what their competitors are up to have to study their reaction time, betting patterns, use of features, chat box, fold percentages, beginners' tells, etc.

Online poker rooms are a bit more beginner friendly as they offer poker schools, free games, and lower table limits. Beginners can also learn from studying online features such as their history of played hands, and they can chat with and learn from other more experienced poker players.

Poker Types: Mixed Poker Games

When choosing what type of poker to play, you should lastly also take a look at mixed poker games. What I mean with mixed poker games is one where you can, for instance, play 30 minutes of Seven-card stud poker, followed by 30 minutes of Texas hold 'em poker. You will find quite a few mixed poker game varieties. The games will usually have rules about how many hands will be played at a time before players move on to the other type. H.O.R.S.E poker is quite popular and is a mixture of Omaha high-low, Texas hold 'em, 7-card stud, Razz, and 7 Card Stud 8-or-better.

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