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Opening an Account

Opening an Account at Online Poker Site

Opening an account at an online poker room is quite simple. Online poker rooms allow you to quickly register and will have you playing in a few minutes.


When opening an account at online poker site, you should expect them to ask you some details such as your first and last name, address, age, email address, etc. It is important that you enter the right information, as online poker rooms need to verify that you are the real thing and not just taking chances. Also, you don’t want to end up winning a lot of money only to have them send it to the wrong address!

Submitting the correct details will help your online poker room to maintain their security standards and therefore it’s quite important that you check that everything is correct before you finally submit your details.

Opening an Online Poker Account: Download the Software

Downloading the software will ensure that you can easily open you own personal account. The best way to do this is to visit the online poker room of your choice, to click on their download button and to download their software to your computer. You will then see a download window, which should ask you whether you would like to ‘save’ or ‘run’ the program. The simplest way to manage this is to click on the ‘run’ option s this will prompt the installation and inform you when the download has finished.

Opening an Online Poker Account: Log In or Sign Up

The first time you open your poker software it will ask you whether you would like to ‘Log In’ or ‘Sign up’. The ‘Sign Up’ button will allow you to sign up for an account. If the site only offers you a ‘Log In’ button, click on this to see whether it allows registration in a new window. If you don’t see any of these options, see if there is a ‘Create a New Account’ that will allow you to register.

Opening an Online Poker Account: Confirmation

You will usually be asked to go to your email account and confirm a link to complete your account sign up. The poker room will send you an email link that you will have to click on to confirm that you entered the right email address.

Clicking on this link will complete your process of opening an account at your online poker site.

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