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What is Bluffing?

What is Bluffing?

Learning how to bluff is one of the most important, yet also most difficult, parts of poker.

What is Bluffing?

There is no way that you can become a good or professional poker player if you are not able to learn how to bluff. It is not an easy skill and it takes time and endurance to perfect. You need good poker sense to learn how to bluff, then you need the guts and the right timing to pull it off. Yes, it can be scary and you will be embarrassed when you are caught out, but poker simply wonít be the same without it.

Bluffing in Texas Hold'em Limit games

Texas Hold'em limit games are very popular in casinos. Limit game bluffs will usually be limited to a single raise or bet. This limited betting aspect can make it dangerous to simply bluff in a random fashion. This is because your poker opponents wonít be scared to call you on a single bet, particularly when you are playing one of the low limit games. Bluffing often fails and is truly an art form to pull off. Rather use it in small doses.

How Position can Affect Your Poker Bluffing Strategy

In poker, position relative to the poker button is a major game factor. If you do not know what position means, you should read up on this topic. Position is a topic that you must simply study as ignoring it will make you seem ignorant to other poker players. If you donít know your position, is must more difficult to bluff successfully.

Position is crucial because bluffing will normally happen when you are the player who acts last or who are closest to the button. This is because you are in the perfect position to view all the poker action before itís time to act.

Can You Calculate a Poker Bluffing Equation?

To be able to work out whether you should bluff in your position or not, you can use a bit of math. Ask yourself: If I decide to bluff now, is it possible that I will win this poker pot more than twenty percent of the time? If you can confidently answer yes, then it is a good idea to bet during this pot! If you know that the answer is no, rather accept that this proposition will be a losing on in the long term. Do you now understand why itís so important to learn how to take notes and make careful observations during your game? This is why careful observation and taking notes of your opponents is crucial. Paying attention will help you figure out when to bluff and when rather not to.

The Failed Poker Bluff

But then again, we have all gone blindly for bluffs before. We convinced ourselves that our opponents made a mistake whereas they didnít. Remember the rule that you cannot push out a poker calling station just because they don't know of better. Chin up and remember that practice makes perfect!

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