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Explaining wagering requirements

Casino Wagering Requirements – Understanding Wagering Requirements

It is important for an online casino player to understand what the wagering requirements are before he opens an online casino account.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are also sometimes called playthrough, and you will always find them in the details of any online casino bonus, but if you don't know to look for them you never would, and if you don't know what the jargon means you won't understand what they're saying.

The wagering requirements of a site will be usually phrased as a certain multiple of the value of the bonus, and will most often be between 20 and 30 times that amount. This means, that in order for you to cash out the bonus it must have been wagered that many times first. Meaning, in for example a casino in which the wagering requirement is 20, and the bonus is worth £300, you must wager from your own deposits 20 times that bonus amount before it can be cashed out – in other words, to cash out that £300, you must first deposit and play with £6,000.

So why the confusion?

This all seems to make absolute sense and be quite straight forward. The confusion comes however when casinos apply different wagering requirements to different games; and the almost always do. For the most part, the wagering requirement will be higher for easy to bet on games, than for harder to bet on games, making you bet more on those that are easier. In the same vein, some games aren't even included in the bonuses, for example roulette and blackjack often don't have wagering requirements applied to them for the simple reason that the bonuses can't be used with them. The value of the bet against the requirement is usually understood in percentages. You may see that one game counts 100% whilst another only 50%. This means that if you play at the 100% game, the full total of your wager will count against the wagering requirement that you must reach in order to cash out your bonus. In the case of the 50% game however, only half of what you wager will count towards that total. Meaning, that you will have to gamble double as much on the 50% game as you would on the 100% game to reach the same wagering requirement. 

Why do casinos have wagering requirements?

The reason that casinos put in place wagering requirements is to prevent customers from simply taking advantage of the bonuses and then not playing anymore. The ideas of the bonuses are to encourage people to play continuously at the site, not to just give money away for free. The wagering requirements are the means that the casino has of encouraging people to play, and indeed rewarding them for doing so, whilst protecting themselves from individuals who may wish to take advantage of their generosity.

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