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No Deposit Bonus Important Facts

The most exciting online casino bonus offer is the no deposit bonus. Although a small bonus, it serves to attract the largest number of new players.

Online casinos hardly offer no-deposit bonuses directly in order to save themselves from bonus abuse. When players sign up at online casinos only to claim the bonus offer, it is known as bonus abuse. No deposit bonuses are usually offered through affiliate links, which is why experts urge new players never to sign up directly at an online casino. Always sign up through approved affiliate links to get the best deals.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos offer several varieties of no deposit bonuses, and here is a brief overview of some of them.

✓  No Deposit Bonus Cash: This is a small welcome gift of cash given away to players who have just signed up. Usually online casinos give away small cash bonuses of $5 or $10 to newly registered players, but players can grab no deposit bonuses as large as $100 by signing up through affiliate links.

✓  No Deposit Free Spins: Some casinos give away free spins on featured slots to newly registered players. For example, NetEnt online casinos give away anywhere between 10 and 33 free spins on Starburst slot.

✓  Free Play Bonuses: This is a relatively new variety of no deposit bonus, which players can grab as soon as they sign up. It is larger than a no deposit cash bonus. Sometimes, casinos offer free play bonuses as large as $1500. Players are then challenged to use their free play bonus for around one hour or 90 minutes and win as many real money prizes as they can.

✓  They can keep any amount that more than the free play bonus amount as their winnings. There are certain casinos that place a limit on the amount that can be withdrawn as winnings. Players will then have to withdraw the bonus after making a deposit and satisfying its wagering requirements.

How to Claim No Deposit Bonuses

Here are the various steps involved in claiming a no deposit bonus.

  • Create a new account at an online casino.
  • The online casino will instantly credit the no deposit bonus as soon as you have registered and logged in.
  • In some casinos, players will have to contact customer care and express their interest to receive the bonus.
  • Sometimes, players have to input an alphanumeric bonus code available at the online casino.
  • Players who are signing up through an affiliate site will have to input the alphanumeric bonus code provided by the affiliate site.

While claiming a no deposit bonus, players should understand that it is associated with a number of terms and conditions. You cannot withdraw a no-deposit bonus. You can only withdraw the winnings, but after satisfying the wagering conditions. 

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