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Beat Roulette

Systems to Beat Roulette

While there are many systems to beat roulette offered online and in stores, some common sense and a little bit of luck are all you need to beat roulette.

Is it Possible to Use Systems to Beat Roulette?

This question, whether it is possible to use systems to beat roulette, has been around for a long time.  There are many different opinions as to whether it is possible to beat roulette.  The answer varies from a definite "yes", to a resounding "no".  These opinions come from people in all walks of life, from mathematicians to the "man in the street".

A Game of Chance

Roulette has always been a game of chance, and that has not changed.  It is possible to use a system which suggests placing broader spectrum bets which will increase your odds of winning.  While there are still no guarantees, there is certainly more chance of coming away from the game with a positive bankroll.

Will Buying a Book Help Me to Beat Roulette?

There are many systems that are available in book form, or on the internet in ebook form.  Some of the information found on the internet is given to those who want it for free, and some of the information is sold at prices ranging from fairly modest amounts to outrageously high amounts.

It is inadvisable to spend a large amount of money on a book claiming to beat roulette, especially if you are unable to look at the book and evaluate it yourself first.  There are many people out there who are waiting to scam buyers into buying a product that most likely will not work.  When buying one of these books, more often than not, the only winner is the one who is selling you the book.  It is more likely that the seller is making their fortune selling trusting buyers their book, rather than by playing in a casino using their own method.

Odds in Your Favor are the Best Way to Beat Roulette

The first suggestion to ensure the odds are in your favor would be to play the European version of roulette if at all possible.  Having only one zero decreases the house advantage by a little more than 50%.  Remember - decreasing the house advantage increases the players odds of winning.

While somewhat less exciting, it is best to place bets whose odds are similar to the payouts.  Bets with the odds of 1:1 are the odd/even bet, the black/red bet, or the low numbers (1 - 18) bet, or the high numbers (19 - 36) bet.  There is a little less than a 50% chance that you will win when placing these bets.

In other words, the best way to beat roulette is to place only bets which have the best odds.  Open yourself up to a bit of luck coming your way, and you should walk out a winner.  While you may not win very large amounts at any one time, it is more likely that you will walk away with more modest winnings, which will grow into larger winnings once they are accumulated.

While perhaps not quite as exciting as one huge win, playing conservatively will give you the edge you need!