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Roulette Betting

Learn Roulette Betting

Learning roulette betting is easy. Simply follow the list below and compare it with a roulette table, and you will find how easy it is to learn roulette betting.

Roulette Betting

Roulette betting is easy to learn. Roulette is one of the easier casino games when it comes to placing bets. There are two main groups of bets available to be placed. The first being "Inside Bets", and the second "Outside Bets".

Inside and Outside Roulette Betting

Inside bets include all the individual numbers, and small groups of specific numbers.  The odds are quite low, however the payouts upon winning are quite high.

Outside bets are literally placed more on the outside of the roulette table layout.  These bets include larger, more general groups of numbers, colors, et cetera as will be shown below.  The odds of winning are far greater than the inside bets, however the payouts per win are substantially smaller.

Roulette Betting - Inside Bets

Straight Up Bet:  This is a bet placed on any single number including either a single zero or even a double zero (in American roulette betting).

Split Bet:  This bet is placed on two numbers that are shown next to each other on the roulette table.  Chips are placed on the line between the two numbers chosen.

Street Bet:  This bet covers three numbers in a horizontal line.  There is a space on the edge of the roulette table that is demarcated for these bets.

Trio Bet:  As with the street bet, this bet covers three numbers at the same time.  These numbers are either 0, 1 and 2 or 00, 2 and 3.

Corner (or Square) Bet:  This bet covers four adjacent numbers laid out in a square on the roulette table.  The chips are placed in the middle, where all the numbers meet.

Five Bet:  This bet is only placed in American roulette as it includes the 00.  The bet is made up of the following five numbers:  1, 2, 3, 0, 00.

Line (or Six Line) Bet:  A bet can be placed on two streets (trios) that are next to each other, containing six numbers.

Roulette Betting - Outside Bets

Low Bet:  This bet covers the first half of the numbers, 1 - 18.

High Bet:  This bet covers the second half of the numbers, 19 - 36.

Color Bets - Red:  A bet is placed on a space made available for red.  If the ball ends up in any red space on the roulette wheel, regardless of the number, this bet will win.

Color Bets - Black:  A bet is placed on a space made available for black.  If the ball ends up in any black space on the roulette wheel, regardless of the number, the bet will win.

Even or Odd Bets:  A bet is placed on either "even", or on "odd".  If the ball lands on a number that is an even number, a bet placed in the "even" space will be a winner.

Dozen Bets:  These bets are placed on a dozen consecutive numbers, either 1 - 12, 13 - 24, or 25 - 36.

Column Bets: This bet is placed at the end of a vertical column, which covers 12 numbers.