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Winning with Roulette Systems

Roulette Systems – Winning with Roulette Systems

There are many roulette systems out there, but few will give you winning results, so choose carefully!

Roulette Betting Systems

Most roulette betting systems are based on a system of doubling bets after either a winning or losing spin. Betting systems that are based on doubling up after a loss are based on the Martingale system. Unfortunately, the Martingale system has a few flaws. The primary flaw is that doubling increases the numbers quite quickly, so that a relatively short streak of losses can bankrupt a player. The other flaw is that the Martingale system only allows players to win the equivalent of their initial bet. A player who has a large number of wins will do well with a Martingale-based system, but just a few losses will either bankrupt the player or send them over the table limit.

Roulette Prediction Systems

There are two main ways in which players try to predict the wheel results. In a way, the two ways are opposites. The first way is to wait for a streak of say eight black in a row, and then bet on red, on the assumption that at some point the streak has to break. It’s an interesting theory, but in reality, past performance is no indication of future performance in a truly random system.

The other major way in which players try to predict where the ball will land on the wheel involves betting in the moments between when the wheel is spun and the dealer calls out “no more bets.” Players can use machinery, intuition, or various other means to try to determine which section of the wheel the ball is most likely to land in. As various means have been used more and more, the casinos have worked equally hard to prevent players from having this advantage. While older wheels used to have imbalances, today’s wheels are likely to be so well-balanced that it would take billions of spins to find any tendencies. Moreover, the wheels are checked and rebalanced regularly, so someone watching the wheels would have their advantage taken away long before they could use it.

Some players still maintain some ability to predict the final landing place of the ball once the wheel has spun. If this is true of you, you should use this to your advantage!

Roulette Winning Systems

Since most betting systems don’t work well, and prediction systems are only so-so at best, it would seem impossible to win at roulette, especially since there is such a clear house edge. The truth is that any system that banks on the long run is going to be problematic, but there is a way to beat the system. Over the course of play, players will be up and down. At the point when you are up, even a little bit, you should pocket your winnings. If you continue betting, you will eventually lose to the house edge, but if you take advantages of slight wins to cash in, you have a good chance of coming out ahead. Remember, though, it’s quite hard to get rich at roulette. You should consider winning even a few dollars a success