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Online American Roulette

Online American Roulette – All About Online American Roulette

Online American Roulette is the next step in the exciting history of roulette, a history that has spanned states and centuries.

Online American Roulette History

Roulette started its life in Europe but as the New World developed French soldiers soon bought the popular game to the United States. As the frontier moved west so did roulette and by the time the west was tamed the game of roulette was as widespread as any. However, the owners of the American gaming rooms, presumably inspired by the American Dream, were not satisfied with the house advantage provided by the European roulette wheel and hence the biggest addition to the American roulette wheel was added – the double 00 pocket. Of course, from the land-based casino it was a simple transaction to the now familiar phenomenon of online American roulette. Online gaming came about in the mid 1990s and right from the outset roulette was part of every gaming suite. Online American Roulette has since then been a staple of online gaming, along with other sorts of roulette, most recently Progressive Roulette.

Online American Roulette Table Layout and Rules

There biggest difference between American Roulette and other types of roulette are that other types have only one 0 position on the wheel, but the American Roulette wheel and thus the online American roulette wheel has a 0 and a double 00 position. These positions are wins for the house, and thus the house advantage on the online American roulette table is bigger than on the European wheel. You will also see differences that set the online American roulette table apart from it's European counterpart in the layout of the bets. First of all, the biggest giveaway is that a European table will often be written in French; however this isn't always the case. It is often also the case that the outside bets on a European table will straddle the inside bets, whereas in an online American roulette table, the outside bets will always be in one section to one side of the inside bets. You will often also find a difference in the applicable rules. Most commonly, the en prison rule which is quite often used in European roulette will rarely be found in American roulette and next to never in online American roulette.

Where to Find Online American Roulette

Just as you would never find a casino without a roulette table, so you will never find an online casino without an online American roulette table – you will in fact find several. Every casino will carry one, what you need to do is find a casino that will give you good conditions to play with. This means that there must be minimums and maximums that suit your pocket, there must be good bonuses, and there must be low wagering requirements. If you find a casino to suit you in all these areas, you've found your place for playing online American roulette.