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Download Video Poker

Download Video Poker

There are two forms of video poker- download video poker and no-download video poker. You can play either form with the same levels of fun and excitement.

Introduction to Download and No-Download Video Poker

As you know, video poker is a game that is today available both in land-based casinos as well as in online casinos and gambling rooms. The way you would play video poker at these two distinctly different locations is same in terms of the rules, the strategies, and other such technical aspects. However, there is a very basic and underlying difference – the games available at land-based casinos are played directly on physical machines while in online casinos, you get to play the game in the virtual space.

In this article, we will discuss the two different ways in which you can play video poker at an online casino and also the differences between the two methods of playing.

Download Video Poker

At online casinos, you can play video poker either for free or for cash. Regardless of which reason you choose to play, you need to choose one of the two options available. In most online casinos, poker rooms and other online gambling establishments that offer online video poker, the first step to playing video poker is to download the software that the online casino or gambling establishment runs on to your desktop. You essentially download video poker games by downloading the software, hence the term ‘download video poker’.

Once you download video poker software on to your computer, you need to register with the casino or online gambling establishment from whom you have taken the software. These are the two essential steps when it comes to using the downloadable video poker software.

Once you download the software and register an account, you have the option of playing video poker for free or for real money. By opting to play for real money, you agree to first deposit money into your account with the online gambling establishment.

Playing download video poker is the standard form of play offered by most online casinos and establishments that offer online video poker. There is also a no-download video poker option, about which we will discuss next.

No-Download Video Poker

There are some online gambling establishments that give you the option of no-download video poker play. What does this mean? Effectively, it means, as the term indicates, that you do not need to download the software from the site to be able to play video poker. This is not something that you see at all online casinos or other such online gambling establishments.

So how do you play no-download video poker? You just log in to the site and start playing the games available. At some sites, you can play the entire range of games for both for fun as well as for real money using the no-download video poker software. At others, you get to play a limited number of games in the no-download mode, especially if you are playing for free. The idea is to get you to play at least the remaining games for real money.

Playing no-download video poker has its own merits. The first thing it does is cut out the hassle and waiting period that are so common when you download software. More importantly, this works well for PCs that have download issues and also Macintoshes, so by offering no-download video poker, the online casino or poker room is effectively increasing its potential reach among gambling enthusiasts.