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Video Poker Slots Games

Slots and Video Poker Games

Video poker slots games are an exciting combination of slots and poker games. They are ideal for those who enjoy both types of games. There are many types of games in a casino. Players can choose from table games, card games, slots games and many more. Some games provide players with aspects of more than one game so that if you enjoy a particular game, you can try out a variation of the game with a bit of a twist. Video poker slots games fall into this category. They are an exciting blend of slots games and poker games and are enjoyed by many amateur and professional gamblers alike

Slots Aspects of Video Poker Slots Games

Video poker slots games are played on a machine that a first glance looks very similar to a slots machine. It is played on an upright machine with a lever or a button to begin the game. It is operated by the player feeding coins into the coin slots and it has a hopper for winning pay outs. Video poker slots games make use of a random number generator (RNG).

Video poker is played by the player against the house with no other players present. For those gamblers who are new to poker, video poker may be an ideal place to start. It has the same individual game play aspect as slots machine games. You do not have to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious around other players and you can take as long as you need to play each hand. Professional players may enjoy the level of concentration that they can achieve when playing alone at a slots-type machine.

Poker Aspects of Video Poker Slots Games

While the look of the machine and the individual nature of the game may be more similar to slots, the aim of the game of video poker is more similar to table poker. Players are dealt five cards by the machine. They are then able to decide which card to hold and which to discard and the discarded ones are replaced. From the final five cards on the player's screen, the machine will determine the hand that the player is holding and pay out accordingly. While these cards may be on a machine screen, as opposed to in your hand as they would be in table poker, the aim is to create the best poker hand that you can.

Video poker is a game of skill in the same way as table poker is. You can improve your game play by working on your strategy and practicing the game. By doing so, you can also decrease the house edge and improve your odds of winning. This is different to slots games where the symbols stop completely randomly and it is purely a game of chance.

For those who enjoy poker, but do not feel confident about their game, video poker slots games are an excellent transition from slots to table poker. Practice in quiet on your own until you feel ready for table poker. Or, on the other hand, you may prefer to play video poker slots games in and of themselves as they are a combination of slots and video poker games in one exciting casino game.