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Video poker strategy

Video Poker Strategy – Winning at Video Poker

Winning at video poker does not require much strategy but understanding how video poker works is a good start. Video poker is a slight anomaly. The game of video poker combines the glitz and glamour of slots with the intrigue and subtlety of poker. It is possible to win big at video poker. However, there are certain things a player can do to dramatically improve the odds of winning.

Understand how the game works

In order to understand how to put a solid strategy together, it is of utmost importance to first understand exactly how the game works. Building a solid foundation is imperative and this can be done through playing as much video poker as possible. The first place to start is to read up on the rules of video poker and to find out how the hands are all ranked.

Play for free

There are many online casinos which offer free games online. This is where it is easiest to learn how to play online video poker without having the risk of losing any money. Just because a player is experienced does not necessarily mean that there is no chance of losing, it just means that the more experience a player has, the less chance there is of making novice mistakes which could lead to bad decision-making.

Play for the progressive jackpot

A good tip is to play a video poker machine which is linked to a progressive jackpot. The only downside to this is that the player must max bet to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. If your bankroll is substantial, then you should max bet. The payouts are 5 times higher and the progressive jackpot should make it all the more worth your while if you do win it.

Play according to your bankroll

However, if you have limited funds you should play more responsibly and gamble with one or two credits at a time. It is more important to prolong the playing time than to blow your whole bankroll quickly.

Quit when you’re ahead

If you do happen to win big, do not get it into your head that luck is on your side. You should cash out as soon as you’ve won so that you are not tempted to throw it all away on being too brazen.

Don’t be too greedy

A winning hand in video poker will allow you the option of doubling up. You may be tempted to do so, and if you win then good for you. The problem is that you will be asked to double up again. You should not be tempted. Rather be happy with what you have won and avoid being greedy.

Do your homework

There are many websites dedicated to online video poker. The best thing to do is to read up on which casinos are the most reputable and also to read up on which casinos are paying out the most. If a casino has not paid out a large sum in a while it does not mean that the casino is about to pay it out.