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Video Poker Payouts

All About the Payout Table

Knowing about video poker payouts gives you a fair idea of how much you stand to make for a specific winning hand.

Video Poker Payouts - An Introduction

Video poker is not, as I have stressed earlier, just about luck, it is also about skill. When you use your skill you would definitely want to win, and win more money – we all want to win more, especially when it comes to money. So how do you know how much a hand that you have created with the cards dealt to you is actually worth? This is where the concept of video poker payouts comes in.

The term ‘video poker payouts’ essentially refers to the amount of money you stand to make for a particular winning hand. In this article, we will discuss all about video poker payouts.

The Basics of Video Poker Payouts - Enter the Payouts Table

The payout, as you know, is the money you get for winning a game. Take a scenario where your final hand is a flush, and that is enough to win you the game. This scenario is very much possible – a combination of skill and luck can make this real. Now take another scenario, where a pair of jacks is enough for you to win. You have won the game in both the instances. However, have you made the same amount of money in each instance? The answer would be ‘no’.

When you look at the different winning hands in video poker, or even poker, for that matter, you will see that there is a specific hierarchy to the entire concept of winning hands. While the hierarchy may not really mean much in the game itself, considering in a given situation a pair of jacks, though rated low in the entire list of winning hands, is enough to win you the game, it certainly does matter when it comes to the payout. The payout for a flush would be higher than the payout for a pair.

In a real-game scenario, remembering the payouts for the different hands could be very tricky, considering the payouts also depend on the amount you have bet. That would be just too much math to take care of. So what is a good way of ensuring you remember all the different payouts for the different hands? This is where you can use a very handy tool – the payout table.

More about the Video Poker Payouts Table

The video poker payouts table is a very handy aid for all video poker players; this is not something that only new players use and others frown at. Any sensible player would do well to use one, for there is no better way of remembering all the payouts for video poker. Essentially, the video poker payouts table contains a list of payouts for the different winning hands possible in a game. Now that can be one very exhaustive list, which is where the actual value addition comes.

Every kind of game in video poker has its own individual video poker payouts table. In the case of a land-based video poker machine, you will find the video poker payouts table usually affixed on the machine itself or you can also find it on the monitor of the machine. For land-based video poker machines, the payouts may not be the same for two different machines even though both have the same game on them. In the case of online video poker, you will find the payouts table on the monitor.