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Free Video Poker

The Importance of Free Video Poker

Apart from playing video poker for money, you can also play free video poker online. When learning video poker, the free play mode can be very helpful.

An Introduction to Video Poker

All gambling enthusiasts know what video poker is. Basically, it is a modified version of poker that you can play on machines. On the surface video poker resembles slots, though the resemblances end at that point. Video poker, because it involves not just luck but also a specific level of skill and strategy, is increasingly gaining in popularity all over the world.

You can play video poker not just in land-based casinos nowadays, but also at online casinos. A good idea is to play the game at online casinos and poker rooms as there you have the option of two modes of playing – real money video poker or free video poker. While the concept of playing free video poker at an online casino may sound odd, there are strong reasons why you should play in the free mode, especially if you are a beginner or a player who is not too good at his game.

Playing Free Video Poker

As I mentioned above, playing free video poker is important if you are a newcomer or someone whose game has not yet matured enough. By allowing you to play free video poker, online casinos and poker rooms give you the opportunity to pull your game up. Since you are not paying any money for playing free video poker, you can play the games as many times as you want.

By repeatedly playing, if you are serious about improving your game, you get to learn at length about the nuances of the game. That is one of the biggest advantages of playing free video poker – you get the chance to practice and bring your game up. Not only do you get to practice, you also get to learn new aspects of the game, new tricks of the trade, so to speak.

With each game of free video poker that you play, you can learn the finer points of the game. You can, for starters, increase your familiarity with the rules and the different words and phrases associated with video poker. At another level, you also get to work on the strategy aspect of the game. What this effectively means is that without paying any money, you are training yourself to be a better player – that is what playing free video poker basically allows you to do.

And it is not just amateurs and beginners who play free video poker. A lot of times professional players and experts too play free video poker, when they feel the need to get back to the drawing board and work on their game a bit, or if they are not in the mood to gamble, but feel like playing video poker anyway.

How to Play Free Video Poker

You may be wondering how you can play free video poker actually. That is the simpler part, actually. You can download the online casino or poker room software to your desktop and register an account with the casino/poker room in question. If the casino or poker room has an instant play/Flash version of the software, you can play free video poker right at the casino, without even downloading the software.

Whether you download the software or opt for the instant play version, you have to register an account with the casino/poker room. After opening an account with them, you get the option of playing for real money or playing for free. Choose the Play for Free option and get started.