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Free Online Video Poker

All About Free Online Video Poker

Free online video poker is the first step new video poker players take when learning how to play the game.

An Introduction to Free Online Video Poker

Free online video poker has been one of the contributors to the increasing popularity of video poker over the traditional version of the game across the world. Of the two ways that you can play video poker, the better option from an overall perspective is online video poker – be it in terms of incentives, ease of play, comfort levels, privacy, security, and also free play.

In this article, we will discuss some of the aspects associated with free online video poker – who plays it, where you can play it, and what are the benefits and disadvantages of playing it.

Who Plays Free Online Video Poker?

You might be wondering as to who would want to play free online video poker. Basically, anyone can play free online video poker. However, free online play works very well if you are a beginner or an amateur who is not too confident of playing with real money and winning. It is also a favored option of professionals looking to iron out the kinks in their game and take it to the next level.

Consider that you are a newcomer to video poker – you would obviously want to know the game well, learn all that you can learn about it, before looking to spend money playing it and hoping to win. That is where online video poker works wonders compared to the traditional form of the game. It gives you, a newcomer, the opportunity to play the game in a scenario that is not too different from a video poker game involving money, without actually spending any money!

Where to Play Free Online Video Poker?

The answer to that question is pretty simple, actually. You can play free video poker at most of the online casinos and poker rooms. All you have to do is get on a website and check if it supports free play. If it does, then you can download the software on to your computer (or optionally, play from the site itself if it supports the instant play no-download version), register an account with the site, and choose the play for fun option.

Most online casinos and poker rooms have the play for free option, as it is a very good way of drawing traffic to the casino. What better place, after all, to learn video poker than an online casino, and that too for free?

Advantages of Playing Free Online Video Poker

There are quite a few advantages associated with playing free online video poker. For one, you get to play the game without spending anything out of your pocket. Now that is indeed a swell way to play the games available.

That is not all. Not only do you get to play video poker for free, you also get to learn the different aspects of the game, the subtle nuances that you would not be able to catch in a live game in an actual poker room. Not only that, you get to learn about the game of video poker in the most ideal of settings, bang inside an online casino!

Disadvantages of Playing Free Online Video Poker

Playing free online video poker is not all about advantages. There could be some disadvantages as well. For instance, no matter how well you play or how smart you play, you can never make money playing this form of the game. You can have the satisfaction of winning by employing superior strategy, yes, but you will not have the immediate reward in the form of cash and other incentives to show for it.