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Badugi Strategy Ė Tips for Success with Badugi Poker

Badugi is a new variant of poker so by reading up on a few tips and Badugi poker strategy you stand a great chance against the fish.

Basic Badugi Poker Tips

Badugi is rapidly becoming very popular in online poker rooms and to get into the game it helps to know Texas Holdem poker. If you are a beginner you donít have to go and learn Texas Holdem in order to enjoy Badugi but you might find it a bit confusing to begin with. The object of the game is to make the lowest four card hand so the first you need to do is to understand the rankings of hands. The most important Badugi strategy is to keep a clear and focused mind. Learn the rules well and then make sure to play when you are well rested and completely in the mood for poker.

Badugi Poker Strategy

One of the key elements of Badugi poker is that you need to have four cards that canít be of the same value or suit. This means that you could be sitting with three low cards and be short of just one to complete a very low hand. This easily leads to frustration which is why you need to get ready to play with patience. For good advice on how to keep a good attitude and deal with the tension you should definitely talk to other players no matter what level they are on.

Badugi originated in Korea so plenty of the best Badugi tips are not available in English. This will certainly change as more and more players get to know the game and fish turn into seasoned players. The key to winning Badugi lies in knowing when to stay in the game. For sure, you want low cards but the closer you get to Show Down the smaller the chance to actually complete the hand. If you donít get the card youíre looking for even very high cards could beat you!

Emotional Badugi Poker Strategy

In Badugi poker you get many opportunities to bluff and this can be extremely fun given that you are keeping a good attitude all through the game. The art of bluffing looks a bit different in online play since no one really sees your face. However, people also get to know each other online and after a few games it will be clear to other how you bet depending on what is on your hand. The best strategy for learning how to bluff in Badugi poker is to play a lot and watch your opponents closely. Could you guess what they would do? Keep notes and realize that the other players do the same.

If you have a very short temper you should probably stay away from Badugi poker. Even the most professional players can get very frustrated when they stand one card short of making a good game. The best tips for handling this type of tension is to remember that Badugi poker is about having fun. Go into it with this attitude and youíll emerge a winner no matter what the result of the game will be.

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