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Pineapple Poker Strategy Ė Strategy for Pineapple Poker

Pineapple Poker strategy is similar to Texas Holdem Poker strategy since the two games are closely related.

Basic Pineapple Poker Tips

The only real difference between Pineapple Poker and Texas Holdem is that in Pineapple you are dealing with an extra card. Depending on what type of Pineapple Poker you are playing you will need to discard this extra hole card either before or after the flop. Taking this into consideration you will emerge a winner of the game fairly easy if you are already good at Texas Holdem poker. It is also true that good Pineapple players do well in Texas Holdem so playing both games is a good strategy for winning. In Pineapple poker it can get more expensive to see the flop and high hands are pretty common. Keep this in mind when you make your plans for how to manage your bankroll.

Where to Find Pineapple Poker Strategy

Since this is a pretty special version of poker you will find that tips for Pineapple Poker online arenít as readily available as other poker advices. You can definitely benefit from reading up on basic Texas Holdem strategy but you must keep in mind that in Pineapple Poker youíll be dealing with that extra card. If you can find a community online that is especially dedicated to Pineapple and its different variants this could be a great help in learning how to win the games.

There are a few hands that could give you troubles in Pineapple Poker and especially so if you are playing with a jammed pot. When learning about hands and their ranks it is important to use a strategy guide that visualises the hands. Most people do much better when they can memorize the hands by how they look so try to find a Pineapple Poker strategy which is presented with graphics as well as explanations for the way to the winning game.

Implementing Pineapple Poker Strategy in a Game

Since you play with three hole cards from the onset of Pineapple Poker you have many more opportunities for creating good hands that what you have in Texas Holdem. This can also become a bit of a bother if you get three strong card and youíre not sure which one you should discard after or before the flop. You will have to become skilled at knowing which hand will be the strongest so make sure to know the ranks well.

A good tip for successful Pineapple poker play is to remember that the Ace is not as valuable as it is in other forms of poker. Discarding the Ace at the flop could very well be your best ways to win the game so donít rule it out. Remember to go for the jammed pots as this will serve your best interest in the long run. Like any other type of poker you need to play many games before you start winning the games from pure skill.

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