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Five Card Stud

Five Card Stud Poker Strategy Ė Basics Tips for Five Card Stud Poker

Good strategy for Five Card Stud poker is to keep a close eye on your opponents and use an online poker forum for tips for how to play your hand.

Basic Five Card Stud Tips

Some claim that Five Card Stud is the form of poker that requires the most discipline. Add to this that the game is played out very fast and youíll agree that you need to be able to access your strategies fast. The first thing you need to do is to understand how the game is played. Read the rules even if you think you know them. The next step for a winning game strategy is to know what hand to continue playing with. It is usually recommended to continue on pairs or very high cards but not to try your luck for a straight or flush. In this game bluffing is an important feature so you need to keep a very close eye on your opponents and learn to read their actions.

Five Card Stud Poker Strategies

A good poker player must know how to read his opponents and this is evident in Five Card Stud poker. If you are playing a pot-limit game and two raises have already been placed you must make sure to have a really good hand. It is poker-logic that the remaining players arenít likely to fold in this scenario and this knowledge can help you make the winning decisions. When you are playing in a game where the limits are not set to an equal size you should make sure that you donít need to replace a card when you raise.

In online play your poker face is your actions. If you have an average hand and you are not sure if you should fold or continue you will reveal this by acting with hesitation. Try to make your decisions swiftly leaving no room for the opponent to guess that you are in doubt. This doesnít mean that aggressive play is always the winning strategy for Five Card Stud poker but rather that you need to be firm to succeed.

Implementing Five Card Stud Poker Strategy in a Game

In your first three cards you need to have at least a pair or better. If you donít have this you should fold. Learning when to fold is part of good Five Card Stud poker strategy and doesnít mean that you are playing poorly. Make use of bluffing and if you are playing with the same players a lot make sure to get caught every now and then. This will make you less predictable and keep your opponents on their toes.

Look at what your opponents are putting on the table. Know that they are using the same strategy and basic tips that you are. You need to question yourself if they are sitting with a pair or a very high card. If they are bluffing you need to call them so it is worthwhile to keep track of other poker playerís behaviours, especially if you see them a lot.

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