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HORSE Poker Strategy Ė Tips for Winning HORSE Poker

There are many tips for how to win in HORSE poker since HORSE poker strategy includes the strategies for several poker variations.

Basic HORSE Poker Tips

When you are playing HORSE you are playing five poker games in tournament form. This means that you need to keep track of five different games and how they interact. A beginner player shouldnít run into this type of poker and expect to win games immediately. To win HORSE poker games you need to understand the strategies involved for each separate game. The best tip is to start with Texas Holdem which is the first game. You can also go through the other games by way of order (Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud and Stud Eight or Better) but to truly master HORSE poker you need to understand the interaction between them as well.

HORSE Poker Strategies

Since HORSE includes five different forms of poker you will have no problem finding winning strategy for each one of them. The problem is that what will let you win Razz might not necessarily be the way to win the complete HORSE game. Many experts on HORSE say that the main focus for a winning game should be on the Holdem part. The reasons for this are many but it makes sense that you need to start out well and have a good stack of chips to get through the tournament.

If you are set on winning HORSE games you should take your time to go through the details of each one of the poker variants included. In Eight or Better you could win both by having the higher card or a card combination lower than eight. Stay focused on what game you are in so that you donít start playing Omaha in the Razz and so on. It is also a lot of fun to watch the big tournaments and study the techniques of the winner players.

Using HORSE Strategy

To implement HORSE strategy into a game you need to be in the next part of the tournament even before you get there. This can be a bit stressful for players who arenít used to this type of poker games. Especially so if a lot of money is at stake. Youíll need to play the individual games a lot as well as HORSE tournaments to figure out the way to the winning game. It is wise to focus on Holdem and Stud Eight or Better as these will have a crucial effect on your results.

One could really say that a good HORSE player knows how to transit well between Holdem to Stud Eight or Better. The middle games should be played as good as possible with the idea of reaching the final table in a good shape. There are pros that claim that the only thing that really matters in HORSE is Holdem so if you are strong in this you should definitely give this tournament a shot. Like in any other kind of competition it is crucial to stay focus to win. Donít lose your calm over a bad hand. If you are still in the competition you need to keep your eyes on the cards you have and do your best with them.

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