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Razz Poker Strategy Ė Strategy for Razz Poker

In Razz good strategy is to use the tips for Razz Poker that will give you the worst hand ever!

Basic Razz Strategy

Razz poker is very similar to 7 Card Stud and is sometimes referred to as 7 Card Stud Low. You want to end up with the lowest hand to win the game so you need a starting hand which has at least three cards below 5. If you do get this hand you stand a great chance of winning the Razz game. The Ace can be used as a low card which makes for very interesting play. One of the most basic Razz tips is to always stay calm and patient. Razz requires a lot of patience if you want to become good at it. You should also count on playing many games before you start seeing a winning patter that leaves you on the plus side.

Where to Find Razz Strategy

In Razz it can get aggressive so you need to play it tight and not take too great risks with your cards. You will also find that this is the approach that most serious Razz strategies will take. When you choose a forum for your poker queries you need to consider what the interest of the forum is. If you learn the basic rules of Razz from the poker portal you are playing it in it is very useful but donít expect to find the most useful winning strategies in the same place. There are exceptions where online poker rooms will let the true pros give all players fair and strong advice on how to win the Razz games.

It is true that Razz is very much about your starting hand in that you need it to have enough low cards to win in the end. Still, there are other aspects to Razz Poker strategy and you will benefit from information that is well structured. Except for the starting hand you need to focus on your opponents up cards. This will let you evaluate your own hand much better. Make sure to use a strategy for Razz poker that takes this into account and gives you ways to read your fellow players around the table.

Implementing Razz Strategy in a Game

Razz poker usually doesnít play out slow so you better know what youíre doing when youíre in the game. Should you end up with a really good hand right from the start good Razz strategy is to try and slow the tempo down a bit. This is sometimes referred to as jamming and it means that the pot will reach a greater size before you hit it.

Except for a good portion of patience you need to stay realistic in your approach to Razz poker games. If your hand isnít all that great then donít stay in the game. Knowing when to fold it is a very important Razz poker strategy and this can end up saving you a lot of money.

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