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One on One Poker Strategy Ė Tips for Playing One on One Poker

One on One poker strategy is focused on the individual player since one on one means you against the bank.

Basic One on One Tips

In one on one poker you are playing against the house and not your fellow players around the table. Pai Gow Poker is an example of this kind of poker and you can find it in many casinos online. Sitting down at this type of poker table requires different poker strategy than other games since you donít have to be concerned by the actions of the other players. Luck determines who gets dealt his cards first and then it is you against the dealer. You need to create two hands out of 7 cards. For the first 5 cards you work according to regular poker hand ranks and for the two remaining you want to have a high pair or just high cards.

Where to Find One on One Strategy

The first thing you need to do when looking into one on one poker strategy is to decide where you want to play the game. The online casinos offer different kinds of one on one games and winning strategy depends very much on the version. A good poker room usually comes with detailed instructions for the individual games and this is a great place to begin looking for useful tips for playing one on one. Check if you can pre-pay the commission since this could save you some money in the end of the game.

In some casinos you can play with a joker which brings on an element of luck but also requires more skill from the players. Learn carefully how to play with jokers not only from articles dealing with this but also by listening to what other players have to say. Sometimes you will be able to play several hands in the same game and this might be tempting but not always a rewarding one on one poker strategy.

Implementing One on One Strategy in a Game

The advantage of one on one poker is that it usually moves rather slowly. You will many times reach ties with the dealer and you donít have to rush into decisions like you might do in other games of poker. Take the time to think through your moves and to remember what brought you to win a game and what didnít. A good one on one strategy is your own observation of hands and their outcome. Take notes if you can.

In many one on one poker games you get the chance to take the seat of the dealer. If this is possible where you are playing you should go for it as much as possible since it gives you better odds than regular play. Make sure to arrange your cards well and donít be afraid of trying out charts that are available for free online. These pre-maid instructions could very well prove to be your key strategy for winning one on one poker games online.

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