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How to Play Badugi Poker

How to Play Baduji Poker Baduji Poker Rules

Learning how to play Baduji poker shows that this is a draw lowball type of game that is played with four cards.

Overview of Baduji Poker

The game of Baduji poker involves holding four cards at a time. The main objective of Baduji poker is to create the lowest possible hand in order to win the pot. This is a fun form of lowball draw poker in which a four card hand is known as a 'Baduji'. In this game, a hand containing four valid cards will beat a hand with three or two valid cards. Perhaps it should be noted here that duplicate cards of the same rank or suit are not considered valid in the final hand of this game.

Basic Rules of Baduji Poker

As in several other versions of poker, the first step in the Baduji poker game is for blinds to be placed. Then four cards are dealt to each player. At this stage, players may then call, raise or fold. Following this round of betting, players may choose to discard and then replace some all or none of their four cards. After the draw, an additional round of betting then takes place.

This cycle carries on in the same way until three draws have taken place. A last chance to place bets is followed by the showdown. As mentioned above, the aim in Baduji poker is to create the weakest four card hand. The player with the lowest four card hand wins. In the event, that none of the players holds a valid four card hand, then the lowest three card hand will be considered. Should no-one have a valid three card hand, then the weakest two card hand would win.

Points to Note When Learning How to Play the Game of Baduji Poker

Players should be aware that in the Baduji lowball poker game, an ace is considered as low.

It is important to bear in mind in this game that duplicates are not valid in this game and therefore a four card hand that contains for example two sevens will be counted as a three card hand including one seven. In order for a card to be valid it must not be of the same denomination as another card among the player's four cards and also suits are significant in this pursuit. So that a player may have a valid four card hand, the four cards must be each of a different suit.

The best possible hand in a Baduji poker game is an Ace, 2, 3 and 4 that are of different suits.

Baduji poker is perhaps an unusual form of the poker game with a strange name, but this pursuit may now be located at several online casino locations. In this entertaining lowball game, the number of valid cards in the final hand is significant.

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