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How to Play H.O.R.S.E.

How to Play HORSE HORSE Poker Rules

Learning how to play HORSE poker involves grasping the rules of 5 different types of poker games.

Overview of HORSE Poker

Before one learns how to play HORSE, one needs to understand the meaning of HORSE poker. HORSE poker, which can also be written as horse or H.O.R.S.E stands for five different types of poker. In order to explain, each letter of HORSE represents a different poker version. The different pursuits involved in HORSE poker are Texas holdem, Omaha hi / lo, razz poker, seven card stud and stud 8.

Basic Rules for HORSE Poker

A glance at the HORSE game reveals that this involves 5 different poker versions that are played on a rotation basis. In order to learn how to play a successful HORSE game, players need to understand the rules of the various poker games involved in horse. Rules for the HORSE game are according to each of the respective games. It should be noted that movement between the various games always operates in the same order of the word horse. A HORSE round will always begin with Texas holdem and the last game is therefore stud 8. However, although the order remains the same, HORSE cash game players may stop playing at any stage and HORSE tournament players may find that their last game is not always seven card stud 8.

Horse Rules Texas Holdem

Texas holdem is a popular poker game that requires a five card poker hand to be created out of a combination of two pocket cards and five community cards. This is a common variety of poker and may be found at many best online casino sites.

Horse Rules Omaha Hi / Lo

In the Omaha hi / lo game, players also need to create a five card poker hand. In the Omaha part of the HORSE game, players create a hand out of two of four pocket cards together with three out of five community cards. In Omaha hi / lo the pot is split between the best high five card hand and the best low five card hand.

Horse Rules Razz

In the razz poker game, the main objective is to create the best possible low 5 card poker hand.

Horse Rules Seven Card Stud

In seven card stud, players need to create the best 5 card poker hand out of the available seven cards. This game does not use community cards.

Horse Rules Stud 8 - or Seven Card Stud 8

The pot in stud 8 is split between the best 7 card high hand and the holder of the best low 7 card poker hand. It should be noted that the same player can create both high and low hands at the same time.

Newcomers to the HORSE poker game need to understand that this is a mixture of five different versions of poker. A gamer who wishes to learn how to play HORSE needs to become familiar with the rules of the various poker types involved.

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