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How to Play Omaha

How to Play Omaha Omaha Poker Rules

Omaha poker is an attractive and exciting pursuit that in some ways is similar to the game of Texas Holdem.

Overview of Omaha Poker

The fun game of Omaha poker involves a total of nine cards including hole cards and community cards and a series of betting rounds. Probably one of the most important things to note when learning how to play Omaha poker is that the 5 card Omaha hand has to be created out of two hole cards and three community cards. It is strongly recommended to learn the rules of Omaha poker before beginning to play for real money prizes. Players will find that at many best online casino sites, free games of Omaha poker may be accessed and this is a good way to learn how to play the Omaha game and to practice for free.

Omaha Poker Basic Rules

The game of Omaha poker begins with a round of betting. These bets are called blinds, as at this stage of the game, the players place their bets without having seen any cards. Four hole or pocket cards are then dealt to each player. Each player will need to use two out of these four cards to create the best possible Omaha hand. An additional round of betting then takes place, in which players may choose to call, fold or raise. Following this, 3 community cards are dealt and this part of the Omaha poker game is referred to as the flop. By the next stage of betting, players will have a better idea regarding the creation of a hand as more cards have been viewed. Once again, players may choose to call, fold or raise.

The showing of a 4th community card then takes place and this part of the game is known as the Turn. After a further round of betting, the fifth and final community card is dealt face up in a stage of the game that is known as the River. There are now 5 community cards on the table, three of which must be used to create the five card Omaha hand. A final round of betting is followed by the showdown. In this late part of the Omaha poker pursuit, players that remain in the game show their cards.

Omaha Poker Hand

A valid Omaha poker hand must be created out of a combination of two hole cards and three of the community cards. The player who manages to create the strongest five card hand in this way wins the money in the pot. Omaha poker is an exciting game involving the use of community cards. Players need to bear in mind that the exact combination of 2 hole cards and three community cards must be used to create an Omaha poker hand. Once players have grasped the basics of Omaha poker, this can be a thrilling pursuit.

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