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How to Play Guts Poker

How to Play Guts Poker – Guts Poker Rules

Guts is an exciting form of poker that is played with three cards. The rules of the guts poker game reveal how this fun pursuit earned its name.

An Overview of Guts Poker

The rules for the game of guts poker are easy to learn and to understand. In short, this is a simple pursuit that can be explained as a form of three card poker. It could be said that players need guts in order to be able to play this game. A glance at the instructions for playing guts shows that a losing player of this game has to match the amount in the pot for the next round of the guts game. This appears to be the reason for the name of guts for this form of entertainment.

Basic Rules for Guts Poker

In the game of guts, three cards are dealt to each player. All players then need to make the decision whether to fold or to remain in the game. Following this the remaining players reveal their 3 card poker hands. The player with the strongest hand wins the pot. For losing players, this is where the guts part enters the action. Losers then need to match the pot amount for the next round of the guts game. It should be noted that those that have matched the pot, do not need to place an ante for the next round.

Points to Note Regarding the Game of Guts Poker

When learning how to play guts poker, certain points should be taken into account in order to grasp an understanding of the game.

• A player who has folded or chosen to be 'out' rejoins the round when antes are placed and cards are re-dealt.

• Different versions of the guts poker game are available. There are therefore different rules for guts, such as in one version all players that chose to remain in the game and have lost, need to match to pot amount for the next round. However, in a different version of guts, it is just the loser with the weakest 3 card poker hand that needs to place this amount in the pot. It is therefore important to check out the rules of the particular guts poker version, before beginning to play.

• In a situation where all the players choose to fold selecting the 'out' option, then the amount in the pot moves on to the next round. In such a case, all these guts players place an ante for the following round.

• It may be worthwhile playing at guts games that have a pre-determined limit on the pot amount. In this way, a player would know in advance the maximum amount that would need to be placed in the pot for the next round, in the event of a losing hand. Learning how to play guts poker is a simple task. This is a fun three card poker game that requires guts on the part of the players in order to play and stay in the game.

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