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How to Play LowBall

How to Play LowBall – Triple Draw Poker

The LowBall – triple draw pursuit is a form of draw poker game in which players aim to create the worst possible poker hand.

Overview of Lowball – Triple Draw

The main thing to note regarding the lowball triple draw poker game is that the winner of this game is the player that holds the worst possible hand. This concept may seem contrary to the objectives of traditional poker however this is the way it works. Even though this aspect may appear to be rather strange at first, this contributes to the appeal of the game. Lowball triple draw is an exciting way to play the poker pursuit. This is a fast, pulsating and sometimes frustrating poker game.

Basic Rules for the Lowball – Triple Draw Game

• The first step in the lowball – triple draw game is to place an ante bet.

• Five cards are then dealt to each player. These cards are visible only to the player.

• This is followed by a round of betting.

• At this stage, the players need to decide which cards they would like to hold and which to discard. It should be noted that all or none or any number of the 5 cards may be replaced.

• After an additional round of betting, players may choose to replace cards once again in the same way and the selected cards are then discarded. Replacement cards are then drawn.

• A further round of betting takes place after which players may once again dispose of any unwanted cards and draw fresh ones.

• Following a last round of betting, it is showdown time.

Understanding the Lowball Triple Draw Poker Software

Grasping an insight to the rules of lowball triple draw involves gaining an understanding of how to win and what type of hands may win the round. The best hand in lowball – triple draw is considered to be a 23457 in which the cards are not matched according to suit. Following this option, the next preferred hand in this game would be 23467.

Points to Note When Learning How to Play Lowball –Triple Draw Poker

• Players of the lowball – triple draw game should bear in mind that aces are regarded as high in this game. They are therefore not regarded as an asset.

• Straights and flushes should be avoided where possible in this game.

This may seem like a reversed way to play poker, but for many players this is an attractive form of entertainment. It is interesting to note that the lowball – triple draw pursuit may also be found as a part of poker rotation games at various online locations.

Even though this game may seem a little complicated at a first glance, learning how to play lowball – triple draw is quite simple. In addition, once a player gets the hang of it, lowball – triple draw proves to be an entertaining pursuit.

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