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How to Play Razz Poker

How to Play Razz Poker Razz Poker Rules

A glance at the rules of the razz poker game reveals that this is a lowball pursuit. Razz poker can be described as a form of stud poker that is played with seven cards.

Overview of Razz Poker

Razz poker can be explained as a lowball 7 card stud poker game. It should be noted that this entertaining game requires a low hand in order to win. Learning the rules of the razz poker is significant, as in the beginning this may appear to be a bit confusing. However, once a player has grasped an understanding of razz poker, it can be an exciting and amusing pursuit. It is interesting to note that the game of razz is one of the different poker pursuits to be found in HORSE games or tournaments. Learning how to play razz poker therefore can offer a player access to different pursuits through an understanding of one of the HORSE games.

Basic Rules of Razz Poker

Although learning how to play razz poker is not a difficult task, for newcomers it may appear a bit confusing at the beginning. Following the various steps of razz poker rules may be useful and game practice is also recommended.

First bets are placed before the dealing of cards.

Three cards are then dealt to all players, one of which is shown while the others are face down.

The player with the highest face up card starts the round of betting.

A fourth card is then dealt to each placer face up. This stage of the game is known as 'fourth street'.

After an additional round of betting, another face up card is dealt to players that remain in the game. This part of the game, known as fifth street, is followed by more betting.

Seventh street involves the last card for each remaining player. This card is not shown to the other players at this stage.

A final betting round is followed by the showdown, where the remaining players show their cards to reveal who has won the game.

Points to Note When Learning How to Play Razz Poker.

Aces are considered as low in the razz poker game.

The aim of the razz poker game is to create a low poker hand in order to have the best chances of winning.

The best possible hand in the razz poker game is an A, 2, 3, 4, 5. It should be noted that a straight would not prevent such a hand from becoming a successful and winning razz poker hand.

There is no reason for pairs to be avoided in this game, and although it may be uncommon, a winning razz poker hand may contain a low pair.

Although razz poker may not be located at all best online casino sites, it is interesting to note that this game is a part of the HORSE poker game. Learning the razz poker rules therefore presents a player with better chances at razz and HORSE poker.

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