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How to Play H.O.S.E.

How to Play HOSE HOSE Poker Rules

HOSE poker is a mixed poker game. Learning how to play HOSE involves understanding the rules of the particular poker variations concerned.

Overview of HOSE Poker

The first matter to grasp when learning how to play HOSE poker is that HOSE involves four different poker games. This is not a single poker version all on its own, but rather a collection of different poker forms that are played one after another. HOSE poker could be explained as various poker types that are played in a cycle. It should probably be noted that this is not usually a game for beginners to the poker pursuit, as learning how to play HOSE poker involves gaining knowledge of each of the relevant forms of poker.

Basics of HOSE Poker

It is important to understand that HOSE poker is a mixed pursuit offering four different games that are played in rotation that is always in the same order. Each of the letters of the name HOSE represents a different game. The four different poker versions that are included in HOSE are the Texas Holde'm game (letter 'H'), Omaha (letter 'O'), 7 card stud (letter 'S') and seven card stud eight or better (letter 'E' for eight).

Points to Note When Learning How to Play HOSE Poker

For newcomers to the HOSE game, it should be pointed out that this game is very similar to HORSE poker. In addition, HOSE poker and HORSE poker can often be found together at the same locations. It is also interesting to note that the HOSE rules are the same as for playing HORSE poker. Basically, learning how to play HOSE is just like learning the rules of HORSE poker. The difference between the two types of game lies in the 'R' of HORSE that does not appear in the game of HOSE. Gamers learning how to play HOSE do not have to concern themselves with the game of razz poker that is present in HORSE poker.

The game of HOSE poker often has high limits. Before placing money on the table, it is recommended to learn how to play HOSE and to gain an insight into the workings of the rotation system of the game.

Together with the increase and wide appeal of online gaming, mixed games such as HOSE poker and HORSE poker have become quite popular. Newcomers to the game of poker are inclined to keep away from these games as learning how to play HOSE poker involves learning how to play each of the four games. For the more expert poker players, learning HOSE rules is a simpler and more worthwhile project. Some new HOSE poker players find that this is a good way to use their skills and knowledge of the different poker versions rather than specializing in one type.

HOSE poker can be explained as a combination of different poker types. Before beginning to play HOSE, it is best to obtain a thorough understanding of the workings of each of the relevant poker forms.

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