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How to Play Pineapple Poker

How to Play Pineapple Poker – Pineapple Poker Rules

Learning how to play pineapple poker presents gamers with an attractive variation of the Texas Holdem poker game with a fun twist.

Overview of Pineapple Poker

It is recommended that players who are eager to learn how to play the pineapple poker game first grasp an understanding of the rules for Texas Holdem. Newcomers to pineapple poker will soon discover that this entertaining pursuit is very similar to Texas Holdem, as it begins in a different manner but finishes in an identical way to Texas Holdem. Pineapple poker involves hole cards, community cards, betting rounds and the discarding of one hole card without drawing another. Pineapple poker is an exciting form of the poker game which can provide a fun form of entertainment for a Texas Holdem player who would like to ring the changes. This game can also be fun for gamers who have never played Texas Holdem.

It should be noted that the main aim of the pineapple poker game is to create the strongest possible 5 card poker hand out of a combination of hole cards and community cards.

Basic Rules of Pineapple Poker

It is recommended that first time players of the pineapple poker game first have a look over the basic rules of the game. Pineapple poker is a fairly simple game to learn, especially if a player is already familiar with the rules of Texas Holdem.

In the game of pineapple poker, after posting the blinds, three pocket cards are dealt to each player. A betting round then takes place. Following this, three community cards are shown, that is known as the flop.

After the next round of betting, players select one of the three hole or pocket cards to be discarded. It should be noted that in regular pineapple poker the discarding of one of the hole cards takes place before the flop, while in the crazy pineapple game which is more common, this happens after the flop.

Following this stage, the rest of the pineapple poker game is played out just like Texas Holdem. A 4th community card is dealt face up and this is known as the turn or 4th street. After an additional betting round a 5th and last community card is dealt and this is referred to as the river, in poker terms. Following a final betting round, it is time for the showdown where the remaining players reveal their hands.

Points to Note When Learning How to Play Pineapple Poker

• The pineapple poker game is also known in some cases as crazy pineapple poker.

• On the whole, it should be noted that the pineapple poker game runs according to the Texas Holdem rules, with the exception of the discarding of the third hole card.

Pineapple poker offers an attractive alternative to the Texas Holdem game. It is easy to learn how to play pineapple poker, especially if one is already aware of the instructions of the Texas Holdem game.