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Blackjack Card Counting

The Basics of Blackjack Card Counting Systems

There are several different blackjack card counting systems. Some players believe that blackjack card counting can help them to win the game in hand.

The idea behind blackjack card counting

Although an element of luck is required, the game of blackjack is considered to be one of skill.  This is where blackjack card counting systems and strategies come into the picture.  Many blackjack card counting experts believe that such a method can help to increase the odds of winning at the blackjack tables.

The whole concept of blackjack card counting is to try to determine the numbers of low and high cards that remain in the card deck respectively. To put it simply, this involves keeping an eye on which cards are dealt out and therefore making some sort of record regarding which cards remain and may still be dealt. This is with the intention of increasing odds in the player's favor.

There are different blackjack card counting systems available, but they all keep track of each card that is dealt out.  The idea of such a tracking system is to create a picture of what cards are left in the pack and still could be dealt out.

Positive blackjack card counting system

A positive blackjack card counting system can be explained in the situation where a greater number of lower cards have already been dealt thereby leaving a relatively greater amount of higher cards still to be played.  In such a case there are certain elements in the player's favor.  Chances are higher for a player to receive a blackjack.  There is also a greater likelihood that the dealer's hand will go over 21 more frequently when more high cards remain.  In addition, there are greater chances that a player will receive better first cards.

According to the blackjack card counting system, when a player sees that it is positive and that the player appears to have an edge, then the wager amounts tend to become higher.  However, the actual counting should continue as the edge can shift during the game and then betting amounts should change accordingly.

Following on the same lines of this theory, in the situation that a high percentage of low cards remain in the deck then this produces an edge for the dealer or casino.

Practice blackjack card counting systems

It is recommended to practice and to keep on practicing in order to give blackjack card counting systems the best possible chance of success.  Just as a player may practice a game itself, it is advisable to practice the blackjack card counting system chosen so that a player may adjust to playing this way.

Although card counting is not permitted in some land based casino establishments, the use of blackjack card counting systems is easier at online casino locations.  When playing from other or another location of choice, a player may write, record, count, track and even sing without being stopped.  A blackjack card counting system could therefore be a perfect strategy for online play.